RipTide Sports, the parent company of RipTide Bushings,
is dedicated to providing ‘new to the industry’ products that are based
on innovative, sustainable designs and manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to be your go-to resource for products specific to the
Longboard Market that will help you to customize, tweak and just plain
Make That Ride Fun Again!

RipTide currently sells direct to the consumer via our internet-only
store, our new location in Singapore – RipTide East – and
Retail Stores – check out who’s carrying our bushings by clicking on
the ‘Retail Store’ button on the Silver Menu Bar!
Look for RipTide East on Facebook (headed up by James Ng)
and keep tabs on& RipTide Sports on Facebook too!

We’ve started entering the Retail Market, but it may be
a while until we can make it to contacting your favorite store
without your help! If you have a local skate shop where you do all
your business and would like to see our products there – give us
their Contact Info and we’ll talk to them about carrying our line.

We believe in Longboarding as a healthy lifestyle –
more than just a weekend sport.
As such, our focus is on safety and providing products
that will help the industry to grow.


Longboarding makes Pavement Bearable™