Madison Atwood, the founder of Riot Boardsports began making urethane pivot cups in late 2011 in search of a more finely tuned setup for himself and close friends. The word spread quickly by mouth and before he knew it he was selling them to all parts of the world. In the short ramp-up period, with the collaboration between Madison and his soul-brother Craig Costley, a few more fresh ideas were spawned including RiotPlugs, urethane hanger inserts that somewhat mimic spherical bearings and RiotShields, acrylic slide pucks designed with speed in mind.

In this short time Riot has made a name for itself with nothing more than the ever-refined design processes of practical and revolutionary products. We take pride in the fact that we do 100% of the work here, by hand, in the United States and that we are 100% self-funded. That’s right, a custom product produced by the hands of skaters for skaters, in the USA.

We appreciate the support our customers have given us so far and look forward to bringing the best damn product we can to the market, all while pushing the limits of design practice — All for you guys.