In 2011 Kebbek has rebirthed itself after a hiatus of slowed production. After standing in wet rotting boots in front of the drum sander making skateboards smooth, the chief board builder’s feet started to fester and almost fell off.

In order to make ends meet he took a fattening desk job while seeking out an apprentice with all the vigour and patience to build the world’s greatest skateboards. By miracle, mister Tim Brodesser, a master woodworker from Germany walked through the front door of our kick ass factory in downtown Ville Emard, the hippest part of Montreal known equally well amongst those from Verdun who need to get their video lottery fix. Mr. Brodesser has since helped completely rebuild the shop from the cracked foundation up including adding another 10 inches to the Z axis on our CNC machine, and now he’s building our great boards. So far his feet have not started to rot, maybe if you buy some of our boards we will be able to turn the heat on in the finishing room.

What does all of this say about our skateboards and our brand? Not too much, but we leave that to the rumours, the gossip, the forum trolls, the braggers and the total lack of dissers. If you want to know about Kebbek skateboards, just ask around.

PM Kebbek has come of age; we have been doing this now for 20 years