Jet Skateboards – Quivers Rule
We believe in quivers. Different boards do different things. Quivers simply make sense. Behind the scenes at JET Skateboards there is full throttle, non-stop product development creating all types of boards. We take advantage of many mold choices and multiple construction techniques to form our incredible collection of Premium Wood and Carbon-X completes. Jet Skateboards are handcrafted in the USA using the best woods, precision molds and the finest adhesives available. Jet covers the needs of the most demanding skaters, downhill racers and performance freeriders. The growing list of JET riders are constantly driving and evolving the designs to higher and higher levels. For 2016 the JET brand has 6 exciting series. These are the Vulcan Series, Potato Series, KillShot Series, Freedom Series, Overkill Series and Agent Series, which take advantage of 12 mold choices and multiple construction techniques to form an incredible collection of premium decks and completes. All of our boards are available as a “Deck Only” or as a “Complete” which features our state-of-the-art components. The closer you look at our Jet completes, the more you’ll like what you see.

Vulcan Series: