Arsenal Trucks

The Arsenal Truck Manufacturing Company Code:

  • This is a dynamic industry and we are no longer new here.  Every day is a fresh set of challenges, a new potential and a chance to reinvent.
  • Our mission is to relentlessly discover, challenge the norm and revolutionise. Doing this will ensure we develop exciting action sports products that provide a superior and unique experience.  Providing the freedom of choice is fundamental to our success.
  • We will be fair to our customers and our team.  All will be treated equally.
  • We will relentlessly discover.  Every experience is an opportunity to learn. Knowledge gained will enhance what we do.
  • We will revolutionise and adjust. We will reside in the present and look to the future.  We are enticed by the belief about what can be.
  • We will listen to our customers and understand them; their knowledge will make us better:  We will use this knowledge to invent and innovate.
  • We will never stop asking how we can better ourselves. Nothing is sacred and cannot change.  Nothing can be as important as our mission.
  • We will tell the truth. Nothing will be withheld from our customers.  We can’t succeed without their trust.
  • We are pioneers and are not interested in dominance.  We are here to craft new ideas into outstanding products.
  • We have competitors, not adversaries.  We are here to offer people a choice.
  • On no account will we ever be finished.

Arsenal Trucks is a Central California based company located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  With unbelievable freeride and downhill opportunities basically in our backyard, we are in an amazing location to test ride and perfect our product.

All of our trucks are a completely designed in-house using 3D Parametric Modeling technology and years of design knowledge.  We use only the best Military grade alloys, materials and fasteners.